About Enoki Soju

Tattoo Artist – Photographer – Permanent Makeup ArtistState of Florida Licensed Esthetician & Skin Care SpecialistComputer Technician – Makeup Artist – Model

Some Awards and Honorable Mentions:
2008 – Local Recognition in The Clewiston News for Tattoo Shop Opening on Bond Street in Clewiston, FL.

2009 – First Annual Tattoo Show (First Place)

2011 – Volume 50 Number 31 Wednesday August 3rd – News Star [Lehigh Acres FL Newspaper] – Art of the Tattoo Article with Enoki Soju w/Photo coverage.

2011 – Thursday August 11th – The News-Press [Fort Myers FL Newspaper] – Section D1 – Below the Surface article Enoki Soju dealing with TLC’s new show, laws, tattooing. (Lifestyles)

2011 – Freshly Inked Magazine – Volume 1 – Issue 3 – December – Joe Capo Cover – Ink Life Tour Coverage (Denver Colorado) – Photo of Elizabeth Taylor Portrait (Done by George Galindo) – Page 98

2012 – Tattoo Magazine – May Edition – Issue 273 – Page 52 – (Myrtle Beach, SC) Photo of Enoki Soju

2013 – Tattoo Magazine – May Edition – Issue 285 – Pages 91-95 (Battleship Olympia)

2013 – Carpe Nocturne (Online Magazine) Denver Colorado Spring 2013 Vol 8 No. 1 -10 Page Spread- pgs 236-245

2013 – Bon Appetite New York Based Website (Online) about food. Featured Sept. 23rd 2013 in the Best 12 Food Tattoos.

2013 – Custom Music Magazine’s Tattoo Artists – December – Pages 53-54 (Online Magazine Publication)

Little Bit of Personal Information:

Tattoo Work & Portfolios by Enoki Soju (Come see me, have a few laughs, have a good time, and leave with a great piece of artwork on your skin forever.) – This page is dedicated to my continual strive for excellence in the art of Tattooing and to become a better artist each and every piece that I do. My work is highly important to me and I take my work seriously. My motivation is my art as well as all the other Tattoo Artists who are more skilled than I and who are willing to share more knowledge and education in the field of tattooing. I strive daily to become a better artist. Art inspires me and moves me. My name is Enoki Soju and I’m Korean – I’m Inspired by Beauty,  Elegance, Art and Techniques of Tattooing. Looking to make new friends with others who share my craft and love for art. Tattooers and Collectors near and far. Thank you for your continual support, patronage, motivation, loyalty and canvas.

Enoki Soju @ Enoki Soju Tattoo

Personal Interests:

Family (Wife, Children, & Self), Tattooing, Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Art in General, Black and Gray Carcoal, Graphite, Photography, Modeling, Makeup, Cosmetology, Fashion, Fashion Design, Interior Decorations, Boating, Diving, Snorkling, Underwater Photography, Language(s), Traveling, Eating out (Asian/Ethnic Foods), Learning more about my craft and getting better each and every moment (tattoo by tattoo), Electronics, Weapons, Martial Arts, Racing and Car Modifications, Pistols & Assault Weapons, Ammo, Gaming, Online Gaming (RPG & MMORPGs) Computer Technology, Computer Graphics and Media, Medical Studies and Pharmacueticals, LGBT related topics and discussions, Japanese Rock (J-Rock), Miyavi, Hyde, Gackt, Foreign Movies (Mostly Asian), High Heels/Wedges/Boots, Open Minded and non judgemental people with kind hearts and a vision for art in all different mediums including but not restricted to: choice of clothing, body modification(s), tattoos, piercings, etc etc.. and mostly anything that is Sexy and Beautiful.

Enoki Soju’s Links:

You can enjoy these other’s until my Main Page is Developed and Designed.




Ink Life Tour


Enoki Soju Tattoo
(If there are any other links they will be under my links Section! I have a LOT of links affiliated with myself.)

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